I am Wilbur

This is a picture of me admiring a ribbon I won at a competition. This website is all about me.

You can find pictures and videos of me here and snippets about me you won’t find in my books. My schedule for competitions will be posted here and when my book is published the schedule for my book signings will be here also.

This is me.

I was one of the lucky ones. I got adopted. Out of over 3.3 million dogs in the United States, about the population the size of Los Angeles, I was picked. That’s not to make you feel guilty but to make you aware of the problem. On this website you will find the locations and times of my competitions and when my book is published, where my book signings will be. However, because the problem is so large a portion of the books sales will be donated to shelters so that other animals can find their forever homes or if not can be kept alive until then.


competitions entered


bones chewed


holes dug

What is being said about me

Wilbur is an awesome dog.

Frank Dog

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